Pressure Lapse Rate

Pressure Lapse Rate 

Lapse rate is one hPa per 27 feet at msl. 

Pressure falls exponentially with height i.e. roughly 300 mb drop in the first 10,000ft, 200mb in the next and so on. Remember the following: 

850mb – 5,000 ft 
700mb – 10,000ft 
500mb – 18,000ft 
300mb – 30,000ft 
200mb – 38,000ft 

Temperature Lapse Rate 

Adiabatic Lapse Rate per 1000 feet: 

Dry (Unsaturated) – 3 deg C 

Moist (Saturated) – 1.8 deg C in mid-latitudes (Not constant due to water vapor content) 

Environmental (Average) – 2 deg C