Average Height and Temperature of Tropopause 

– Poles: 8 km and -45 deg C. 

– Mid Latitudes: 11 km and -56 deg C. 

– Equator: 16 km and -75 deg C. 

Typical Tropopause Heights 

Latitude 30 deg: 16 km in summers and winters. 

Latitude 50 deg: 12 km in summers and 9 km in winters. 

Latitude 70 deg: 9 km in summers and 8 km in winters. 

Exam Question Tips: 

Arrow Considering the North Atlantic route from the Azores to Bermuda, the mean height of the tropical tropopause during summer is approximately 51,000 feet.


In ICAO standard atmosphere the tropopause is at a constant height: 

Which statement concerning the tropopause is correct? 

A. Above the tropopause no clear air turbulence occurs 

B. The layer just above the tropopause is absolutely stable 

C. In the ICAO standard atmosphere the tropopause lies lower over the poles than over the equator 

D. The temperature at the tropopause is approximately -80°C over the poles and approximately -40°C over the equator 

As such the correct answer would be B, not C as many would go for.